Wild Park Poing

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The wildlife park in Poing is a popular excursion destination for Munich’s urban population. Especially families with children and animal lovers come by the thousands on beautiful days to the nice zoo a few kilometers outside of Munich. Who has the choice should come on a weekday if possible. Then there is much less action in the Wildpark Poing.

On the very large area of the zoo in Poing there are mainly native animals to see. The enclosures are large, there is a lot of space between the animals, and there are even small woods including a forest nature trail in the fenced area of the Poing Game Park.

For many visitors, the highlight of the game park is the bird of prey show, although this only takes place in the warmer seasons. The bears have the most beautiful enclosure. A few years ago a new, huge, very natural area was built for the brown bears from Sweden.

Personally I liked the storks very much. You can watch the black storks and the white storks from a few meters distance without a fence. Great is also the gigantic picnic area and the big playgrounds for the children. All in all, the zoo is very family-friendly and especially child-friendly. The majority of the zoo’s visitors are families. If you want to see the animals in detail, you should bring binoculars.

Entrance fees game park Poing 2024

Although the zoo is privately run, the entrance fees are affordable. However, they have increased significantly in recent years. Adults pay (May 2020) 11,50 € entrance fee, for children between 3 and 14 years the entrance fee is 7,50€. Babies and toddlers under 3 years have free admission. The reduced entrance fee of 10,00 € is for example for pupils, students and pensioners. Disabled people pay 7,50 Euro admission to the Wildpark near Munich. There is an annual ticket for 50 Euro (adults) and 30 Euro (children). There are also discounts for groups and classes (school and also kindergarten).

Opening Hours 2024 Wildpark Poing near Munich

In winter, Poing Zoo is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm, in summer (April to November) the opening hours are from 9 am to 5 pm. These times are valid for admission. You can also stay a little longer in the dark and simply leave the game park through a turnstile.

Animals in Poing Game Park (excerpt): brown bears, white storks, black storks, fallow deer, red deer, roe deer, wolves, lynxes, eagles and other birds of prey, guinea pigs, raccoons, water birds, wild boars, foxes (red fox), horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, etc. So before all native animals, also animal species that are extinct in our country like the bear.

Bird of Prey Show at Poing Wildlife Park: The well-known bird of prey show in Poing features falcons, eagles and owls. This show is really worthwhile. times: To our knowledge the show with the big birds of prey in the animal park only takes place in summer (April to October) twice a day (10:30 on weekdays or 11 am on weekends and daily at 3 pm). Duration of the bird of prey show: a good half hour. On Friday, the birds in the Poing Game Park have a day off (information available in early 2017).

News Game Park Poing: At the beginning of 2017 the wild boars have given birth to young (so-called freshmen). Also popular are the young donkey Leopold and the new raccoons including offspring. Since 2016 there is a great exercise playground for children.

Directions to the game park Poing

Arrival by train (S-Bahn Munich): The best way to get to the zoo near Munich is by S-Bahn. The S-Bahn line 6 direction Erding stops in Poing (dark green line on the map). Turn right and walk along the tracks to the east (seen from Munich out of town) through the town of Poing. Soon you will see signs indicating the way to the Wildpark. In total you walk about 1.5 km. The S-Bahn trains run several times per hour from Munich during the day.The route to Poing Wildlife Park is also well described in Hiking with the MVV.

Wildpark Poing Plan and surroundings

With the help of this map the way to the zoo in Poing is easy to find.

How to get there by car: The animal park Poing is in the east of the village Poing. You can hardly miss it. On sunny days at the weekend one has the impression that there are more cars on the parking place of the zoo than in the whole place Poing. The game park is well signposted in the surroundings.

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Short film about Poing Zoo (Youtube)

Poing Wildlife Park – Some facts for visitors

Diverse wildlife: The Poing Wildlife Park is famous for its diverse collection of native European wild animals. Visitors can encounter animals such as deer, wild boars, bears and lynxes in a natural environment.

Feeding Deer: One of the highlights for visitors is the opportunity to feed and interact with deer. The park offers guests a unique experience where they can observe these gentle creatures up close.

Birds of prey show: Some wildlife parks, including Wildpark Poing, offer bird of prey shows where visitors can watch majestic birds such as eagles and owls in flight and observe their natural behavior.

Playgrounds for Children: The park often features playgrounds and entertainment areas for children, making them family-friendly places where children can play and learn about wildlife.

Educational programs: Wildlife parks typically offer educational programs and tours for school classes and visitors who want to learn more about the animals and their habitats.

Conservation Efforts: Many wildlife parks, including Poing Wildlife Park, contribute to conservation efforts by participating in breeding programs for endangered species and raising awareness of wildlife conservation.

Animal Enclosures: The park features well-designed enclosures that mimic the animals‘ natural habitat, creating a more realistic and enriching experience for visitors and animals.

Picnic areas: Parks such as Wildpark Poing may offer designated picnic areas where visitors can relax and enjoy a meal in nature.

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