Ingolstadt sights

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Ingolstadt, located 70 km north of Munich, is the largest city in Upper Bavaria and the sixth largest city in Bavaria after Munich with a population of around 120,000. Ingolstadt is known above all for its industry. The oil industry and Audi are the major employers. They make Ingolstadt rich, the unemployment rate in February 2017 is 2.6%, one of the lowest rates in all of Germany. The city has a very beautiful old town with interesting churches.


The Old Town Hall Ingolstadt in the centre

Sights in the old town of Ingolstadt

The centre of Ingolstadt is the old and new town hall and the pedestrian zone a little further north. About 200 metres east of the centre is the modern theatre which is worth seeing, behind it the Danube. In the pedestrian zone Ludwigstraße with its typical department stores is the Ickstatthaus. The building with the largest baroque facade in Germany is considered the most beautiful house in Ingolstadt (see picture) and is a well-known sight.


At the eastern end of the pedestrian zone you reach Paradeplatz and behind it the New Palace, one of the great sights in Ingolstadt. The castle is today the seat of the Bavarian Army Museum, one of the most important military museums in Germany. In the castle courtyard cannons are exhibited (see picture below).

The largest church in Ingolstadt is the cathedral „Zur Schönen Unserer Lieben Frau“. It is one of the largest Gothic churches in Bavaria and the most striking building in Ingolstadt. Not far from the cathedral you can find the medieval cross gate. Today it is often used as a landmark of Ingolstadt.

The probably most interesting church of Ingolstadt is the Asamkirche Maria de Victoria, which at first sight seems to be unspectacular. The church building, built between the houses, reminds of southern Europe. The huge, kitschy, colourful fresco on the ceiling makes Ingolstadt’s Asam Church one of the most beautiful baroque churches of all. Entrance fee 2 Euro (2015).

The most famous museum in Ingolstadt is the German Museum of Medical History. In the large museum building you will find medical equipment and other exhibits from antiquity to the present day. The adjoining botanical garden for medicinal plants is also interesting, another interesting sight.

Approach Ingolstadt

All the sights described above can be easily reached on foot from the centre – all of them are less than a kilometre from the town hall. Unfortunately, the main station is a little outside (about 2km). However, there are frequent buses from the station to the centre. The Bayern Ticket is valid in Ingolstadt for all means of local transport (status 2016). By train from Munich you can reach Ingolstadt in 45 – 55 minutes by local trains. Ingolstadt is on the ICE route Munich – Hamburg or Munich – Nuremberg. With the ICE the travel time from and to Munich is a good half hour.

Map Ingolstadt with surroundings

Location of Ingolstadt. The Audi city is located in Upper Bavaria between Munich and Nuremberg.

Ingolstadt sights list

Audi Forum Ingolstadt: The Audi Forum Ingolstadt is a must for car lovers and offers insights into the history and innovation of the Audi brand. Visitors can explore exhibitions, take factory tours and view the latest Audi models.

Ingolstadt Village: An outlet shopping village with a variety of luxury brands and designer stores. It’s a great destination for those looking to treat themselves to some retail therapy.

New Castle: New Castle is a famous Renaissance-style castle in Ingolstadt. It houses the Bavarian Army Museum, which displays military history and artifacts.

Asam Church: The Asam Church is a baroque church known for its ornate interior. It is a small but beautifully decorated church in the center of Ingolstadt.

Klenzepark: Klenzepark is a beautiful park on the Danube and offers hiking and cycling trails, green spaces and playgrounds. It’s a great place for a leisurely walk or a break.

Concrete Art Museum: This museum is dedicated to concrete art and displays abstract and geometric works of art. It offers a unique and thought-provoking cultural experience.

Liebfrauenmünster: The Liebfrauenmünster is a Gothic church with impressive architecture and beautiful stained glass windows.

Schlosslände: This area near the New Palace offers lovely walks along the Danube, ideal for a leisurely stroll with scenic views.

Bavarian Army Museum: Located in the New Castle, this museum focuses on Bavaria’s military history and features a variety of artifacts and exhibits.

Old Town: Last but not least – Explore the charming old town of Ingolstadt with its narrow streets, historic buildings and lively atmosphere. The Old Town Hall and various squares contribute to the historic charm of the city.


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