The Hofbräuhaus in Munich

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Who does not know in Germany the old beer tent song: „In Munich there is a Hofbräuhaus, one, two, ksufa“? The Hofbäuhaus is probably the most famous restaurant, beer hall and pub in Germany. It is not unusual to hear that the Hofbräuhaus is the most famous restaurant in the world. Overseas, e.g. in the USA, Australia and Japan, the Hofbräuhaus is considered the symbol of German beer tradition alongside the Oktoberfest. Munich is considered the beer capital of the world and the Hofbräuhaus is the most important, year-round figurehead of the beer metropolis.

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The barley juice has been served here for almost 200 years. On the ground floor there is the sponges (large beer hall). Upstairs are the banqueting hall and smaller rooms. In the Schwämme you will find classic beer tables and several regulars‘ tables. Regular guests have regular mugs, which are locked with a lock and their own key when not present.

Many Americans, Japanese and Munich residents can be met here during the day with a beer mug in their hands. The atmosphere is good and rich in alcohol, one easily comes into contact.  In Schwämme there is live music from a Bavarian brass band playing well-known beer songs.

Whether you like such beer restaurants: the Hofbräuhaus is worth a visit. There’s always something going on, some say the Hofbräuhaus is „the year-round Oktoberfest“.


The prices in the Hofbräuhaus are okay. At the beginning of 2024, a pint of beer (1 liter) will cost €10.80. Weissbier (wheat beer) is served in 0.5 liter glasses (for 5.70 euros). Of course there is also good Bavarian food. For example, the roast pork with potato dumplings. There are also many other main courses starting at around 14 euros.

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The Hofbräuhaus on the city map

The legendary Platzl with the traditional restaurant. Nearby are the Hard Rock Cafe, the Dallmayr shop, the Schneider Weiße brewery (wheat beer) and a branch of Starbucks.

How to get to the Hofbräuhaus: You can get to the Hofbräuhaus by S-Bahn (all lines), by underground lines U3, U6 all Marienplatz station and about 300 metres on foot, or by underground lines U3,U4,U5,U6 Odeonsplatz and about as long on foot. The Hofbräuhaus is in a northeasterly direction from Marienplatz and in a southeasterly direction from Odeonsplatz. It is better not to come to the Hofbräuhaus by car. For one thing, the parking situation in the city centre is not very easy. On the other hand, after one or even more measures of beer, one cannot drive anyway.

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Short video about the Hofbräuhaus (from YouTube)

Menu Hofbräuhaus 2024

Large selection, here are just a few examples to show an approximate price level

Hofbräuhaus menu drinks (some examples from the large menu)

Light beer 0.5 l 5.40, 1 l 10.80

Weissbier (wheat) 0.5 l 5.70, is also available alcohol-free

Cup of coffee 2.50

Wines 0.25 l from 5.90

Soft drinks 0.4 l 3.10 to 4.40

Hofbräuhaus menu dishes (some examples from the large menu)

1 pair of white sausages 7.20

Pretzel 2.10

Soups around 7 to 9 euros

Pork knuckles with dumplings 21 euros

Half chicken with potato salad 16.50 euros

Leberkäse with potato salad 12.70

Kaiserschmarren with applesauce (dessert) 10.50

In the Hofbräuhaus there are many more starters, main courses and deserts. These are just a few popular examples.

The Hofbräuhaus serves good Bavarian cuisine. The prices are typical for traditional restaurants in downtown Munich, not exactly cheap.

In the past, beer was only served in liter mugs (mass). Now there are also half liters in the Hofbräuhaus Munich. However, there are no smaller beers, as is common in northern Germany.

There is also a shop with souvenirs etc. in the Hofbräuhaus, right at the entrance. You should definitely visit the most famous tavern in the world. If you can’t do anything with it, you can just go for a walk in the Hofbräuhaus.

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