Andechs Monastery

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Andechs is probably the most popular day trip destination for Munich residents. Every weekend, when the weather is fine, thousands of Munich residents leave the city for Andechs. The monastery Andechs is one of the most important places of pilgrimage in Bavaria. However, most of them come for the famous Andechs beer, the world-famous monastery restaurants including a huge beer garden.

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Andechs Monastery

The Andechs monastery has been a place of pilgrimage since the 15th century and is thus the oldest in Bavaria. The monastery itself has even existed since about 1390 and the rococo-style monastery church is worth seeing. In 2005 the monastery Andechs was extensively renovated. The church got a new organ. During the week there are daily guided tours through the pilgrimage church in Andechs Monastery. In addition, you can book a guided tour through the herb garden and the distillery of Andechs Monastery (incl. tasting) every day in summer. Very interesting is also the guided tour through the famous monastery brewery (unfortunately only on Mondays and Tuesdays). On nice days you have a magnificent view of the Alps from the Klos.

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New and great: Virtual reality tour through the Andechs monastery with VR glasses (directly at the monastery): More information and booking. Can also be booked with a great brewery tour!

Map monastery and restaurant Andechs

Andechs lies between the two large lakes Starnberger See and Ammersee. From the S-Bahn in Herrsching am Ammersee you can walk up to Andechs in about an hour. The hiking trail leads through a forest. Alternatively, there are public buses and parking spaces at the top of the monastery.

Arrival Andechs

As it is usual to drink a few beers in Andechs, most people take the S-Bahn in the direction of Ammersee. You get off in Herrsching (S-Bahn 8 from Munich main station or Marienplatz) and usually walk up the hill to the monastery Andechs. The great hike leads through a forest with streams etc. The main path is wide, not too steep and also suitable for children. The difference in altitude is about 140 meters, the walking time of the total distance is 1-2 hours depending on speed. Special caution is required in case of ice or snow. In no case you should try to cut off through the forest after drinking the beer, already some hikers are said to have crashed. The mountain is very steep in some places. If one wants to go up to Andechs by bus, one should already inquire in Munich. There are only a few buses per day to Andechs, some leave from Starnberg Nord (S-Bahn 6 from Munich).

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Kloster Andechs Restaurants

The Bräustüberl in the Andechs Monastery is a cult restaurant for many Munich and Bavaria residents. According to old Bavarian tradition, you can bring your own snack (food) in the beer garden if you buy the drinks on site. The restaurant has many hundred seats in different rooms, the terrace and the beer garden can easily accommodate a thousand guests. The most famous beers are the Andechser Spezial (light beer), the Weißbier hefetrüb (wheat beer) and above all the Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel.

The Andechser Bock is a dark beer. In the middle a knuckle of pork with potatoes

There are half and measure in each case. Careful, the beer is very strong.  There is hearty Bavarian cuisine, especially many delicious meat dishes.  You can buy the food at a counter, the meat, sausage and cheese are paid by weight. Very inexpensive: 100 grams of rolled roast meat cost just 1.75€, a pair of Viennese 1.80€ (in 2012). Opening hours Braustüberl: Daily 10 – 20 o’clock, except for very important holidays like Good Friday, Christmas and New Year.

There is also a very good restaurant – the Klostergasthof. As far as we know it is open every day of the year.

Short film Andechs Monastery from YouTube

Excerpt from the Andechs Braustüberl menu

Menu Andechs Braustüberl: Drinks

Pick up at the counter (small table service in the Braustüberl). As of January 2024

Light beer 0.5 l 4.00 euros

Light beer 1 l 8.00 euros

Other beers such as Doppelbock, Weizen etc. 0.5 l 4.40 Euto

Other beers such as Doppelbock, Weizen etc. 1 l 8.80 Euto

Soft drinks 0.5 l 3.20 to 3.90 euros

various local schnapps 2.95 euros

Andechs Braustüberl menu: meat and sausage

Liver cheese per 100 g 2.20

Rolls per 100 g 2.50

Pork knuckle 100 g each 2.30

Roll roast 2.50 per 100 g

Vienna pair 2.90

Debrezin pair 3.70

Regensburg pair 3.90

Menu Andechs Braustüberl: Side dishes

Potato salad portion 3.50

Sauerkraut portion 3.50

Rolls (rolls) 1 euro

Pretzel 1.40 euros

There are many more, these are just examples e.g. fish, cheese, press bag…

As you can see, the Braustüberl Andechs is quite cheap. Rolled roast with potato salad and rolls well under 10 euros in 2024.

Opposite there is a cafe with cakes etc. at a similar self-service counter. In between is the beer garden.

Our tip Obatzda, a Bavarian cheese specialty, is made from Camembert or similar cheeses, mixed with butter, beer and aromatic spices. It is often served with fresh pretzels.

Many Bavarians come to Andechs to eat because of the pork knuckle.

Our favorite food and drink in Andechs Monastery

We almost always eat at the Braustüberl Andechs with self-service and only rarely in the Klostergasthof with table service. The reason is simply the rustic atmosphere in the brewery and the low prices.

Our most common order is rolled roast. The meat (pork) is soft and crispy on the outside, really tasty. A slice of roast will cost less than 5 euros in 2024. We also have potato salad (3.50 euros) and sauerkraut (3.50 euros). If you take these two side dishes you can also use them once for two people. This means you can have a great lunch or dinner for under 10 euros per person. If you’re more hungry, you can order something else.

If you prefer sausages, we personally think the Regensburg sausages with cabbage are the best. Plus a roll for one euro or a pretzel for 1.40 euros.

A lot of people around us always eat the pork knuckle. But this one isn’t entirely our concern. In addition, a whole pork knuckle is a lot of meat for one person. Well, just a matter of taste.

If you are in Andechs for the first time, we recommend the Andechser Doppelbock as a drink for 4.40 euros per half liter at the beginning of 2024. The Andechs brewery in Bavaria is particularly well known for this beer. But be careful, there is a lot of alcohol in Andechser Bockbier. The beer seems to us like two normal beers of the same size. Under no circumstances should you drive a car afterwards. There are also blood alcohol limits when cycling in Germany. Hiking with a lot of alcohol can also be dangerous. Some people have crashed or taken bad falls in the mountains around Andechs after drinking a lot of beer.

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Film: Impressions and overview of Andechs Monastery (Youtube, English)

Andech’s story

Andechs is a small community in Bavaria, Germany, known for its historical significance and the Andechs Monastery. The history of Andechs goes back centuries and is closely linked to the religious and cultural development of the region. Here you will find a detailed article about the history of Andechs.

Early history:
The history of Andechs begins in the early Middle Ages. The area was probably settled by various Germanic tribes before the Andechs Monastery was founded. The name “Andechs” probably comes from the noble Andechs family, which played an important role in the history of the region.

Andechs Monastery:
The most significant aspect of Andechs history is Andechs Monastery, a Benedictine monastery that was the center of Bavarian religious life for centuries. The monastery was founded in 1455 by Duke Albrecht III. Founded by Bavaria and developed over the years into a place of pilgrimage.

The Andechs Monastery has overcome a variety of challenges and changes over the course of its existence. During the Reformation in the 16th century, the monasteries came under pressure, but survived and continued their religious activities. The complex includes a church that has been rebuilt and renovated several times over the centuries.

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Andechs family:
The family after which the region is named was a noble family that played an important role in medieval Bavaria. They owned various titles and territories, including the county of Dießen-Andechs. The most famous member of the family, Saint Hedwig of Andechs, later became Duchess of Silesia and Poland.

Cultural and economic development:
Over the centuries, Andechs developed into the cultural and economic center of Bavaria. The monastery attracted pilgrims for its religious activities and the surrounding area developed into a vibrant community. The local economy probably thrived through activities related to agriculture, trade and pilgrimage sites.

Modern era:
Even in recent times, the Andechsers have retained their cultural and historical significance. The Andechs Monastery continues to be an attraction for visitors for religious reasons and as a tourist destination. The area has adapted to modern times while maintaining its historic charm.

Andechs is a testament to Bavaria’s rich history and cultural heritage. From its beginnings to the founding of the Andechs Monastery, the region has experienced changes and developments over the centuries. Today Andechs remains an important historical site and invites visitors to explore its past and experience its unique atmosphere.

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