Lake Starnberg near Munich

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Lake Starnberg is a picturesque lake southwest of Munich. It offers incredible natural beauty, recreational activities and cultural attractions, making it a popular travel destination for locals and tourists alike.

Natural beauty:

Lake Starnberg is famous for its crystal clear water, surrounded by lush greenery and charming villages. Visitors enjoy breathtaking views of the Bavarian Alps, which form a picturesque backdrop.

Water activities:

The lake offers a variety of water sports activities including sailing, swimming, paddling and fishing. Boat tours allow visitors to explore the lake and enjoy the surrounding landscape.

Lakeside villages:

Explore charming lakeside villages and towns, including Starnberg, Tutzing and Possenhofen. They offer a great mix of Bavarian architecture, lake promenades and local shops.

Posenhofen Castle:

Visit Posenhofen Castle, located on the eastern shore of the lake. This place has historical significance as the childhood home of Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) of Austria.

The town of Berg and King Ludwig II:

Berg, another lakeside town, is famous for its votive chapel dedicated to King Ludwig II. This chapel was built on the spot where the king was found dead in the lake.

Hiking and cycling trails:

Explore the beautiful landscape around the lake while hiking or cycling on well-developed paths.

Video from YouTube with a bike around Lake Starnberg

Directions to Lake Starnberg:

Lake Starnberg can be easily and quickly reached from Munich, even by S-Bahn, and is therefore perfect for a day trip.

Starnberg lake promenade

The Starnberger Seepromenade is a picturesque lakeside promenade on Lake Starnberg in the city of Starnberg.

Location and orientation: The lake promenade stretches along the northern shore of Lake Starnberg and offers great views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. It is directly behind the Starnberg S-Bahn station and therefore very easy to reach by public transport from Munich. There are also plenty of parking spaces around Starnberg train station. There are a few fast food restaurants at the train station and great cafes on the lakeshore.

Hiking and recreation: The promenade is a popular place for leisurely walks, bike rides and relaxing by the lake. It stretches for several kilometers and offers a tranquil environment to both locals and tourists.

Cycling: Many Munich residents take their bikes to Starnberg on the S-Bahn and cycle around Lake Starnberg (there is a little more than 40 kilometers of bike path). Several excursion restaurants around the lake, sunbathing areas and swimming opportunities in summer.

Cafés and restaurants: Along the lake promenade in Starnberg you will find cozy cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy local food and drinks. Many of these properties have lake view terraces.

Boat docks: There are various boat docks and docks along the promenade, which serve as a starting point for boat trips on Lake Starnberg. This allows visitors to experience the beauty of the lake from the water.

Views: Several viewing points along the promenade offer great views of the lake and surrounding countryside.

Jogging and Cycling: This promenade is popular with joggers and cyclists who take advantage of the beautiful surroundings for fitness activities.

The other big lake in the area is the Ammersee (our articule)

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