Indoor swimming pools in Munich

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The city of Munich is known to be a rich city. Many cities in Germany have had to save money in recent years and cut spending on public baths. The city of Munich did not have to do this. On the contrary – many public baths have been renovated and turned into adventure pools with a lot of money. As a result, Stadtwerke München now operates several indoor swimming pools, which are quite comparable to the well-known private adventure pools in other regions of Germany. The Müller’sche Volksbad is known for a completely different reason: Hardly anything has been changed in the stylish neo-baroque swimming pool in the last 100 years.

Western Swimming Pool

Probably the most modern and attractive indoor swimming pool in Munich is the Westbad. Highlights are the huge adventure pool, the small outdoor pool open all year round (salt water) and especially the over 50-metre long water slide for children and adults. Also the steam bath, another 25 m sports pool, a small sauna and some whirlpools are included in the basic admission price. However, the spacious sauna facilities cost extra. Unfortunately, the entrance fee is not really cheap, but it is definitely worth the money. In the summer there are also outdoor facilities with a lawn for sunbathing etc. There is a cafeteria with hot food and drinks in the bathroom (medium prices e.g. schnitzel with chips 8,90€ in January 2011, drinks may be brought by yourself). If you want to do some sportive swimming you are rather wrong in the Westbad. Although there is a lane for sports swimmers, children and other bathers will disturb you.

Directions Westbad: Tram line 19 stop Westbad

Entrance fees Westbad (autumn 2014, for 3 hours): Adults 11,60€, family ticket 28,10 (this is valid the whole day), teenagers 10,20€, early swimmers and late swimmers get into the pool for a much lower price: Entrance for 90min, at the latest 2,5 hours after opening in the morning or 90 min before closing time of the pool only 5,60 €! The prices are put into perspective if you consider that three simple sauna rooms and a steam bath are already included. With the whole sauna all prices are about 50 % higher, there is no cheap price with sauna. Full day tickets are about 30 % more expensive than the prices above.

Opening hours Westbad: The indoor adventure pool under the glass dome is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. The sauna is open during the week at certain times only for women and men.

Telephone Westbad: 01801-796223 (Hotline Schwimmbäder, here you will find information about all municipal indoor swimming pools in Munich).

Please note: The opening hours and admission prices of the indoor swimming pools in Munich change constantly. You can find the current opening times and prices on the homepage of the indoor swimming pools of the Munich Public Utility Company.


The Michalibad, like the Westbad, has been developed into an adventure pool. In addition to a warm non-swimmer’s pool, a 25-metre swimmer’s pool, a very warm steam bath and an outdoor pool, the Michalibad has, to our knowledge, the longest slide (84m) of all indoor pools in Munich. Several saunas are also available. Advantages of the Michalibad compared to the Westbad are for example the entrance fees which are about half as low and the easy accessibility by subway. There is also not so much bustle in this indoor swimming pool in the east of Munich.

Directions to Michalibad: U5 stop Michalibad (in the south-east of Munich). Then walk about 150 meters along the park.

Entrance fees Michalibad (autumn 2014, for 3 hours): Adults 4,90€, reduced 3,70€. With sauna the prices are only a little bit lower than in the Westbad.

Opening hours Michalibad: In the meantime also as long as the Westbad daily 7:30 – 23 o’clock. This swimming pool is thus, like many Munich baths, open for a very long time. The sauna area has the same opening hours, but men are not allowed to enter on Tuesday (women’s sauna day or also called ladies‘ sauna).

Phone Westbad: 089-407691 or hotline (see Westbad)

Müller’s public baths

The old and venerable Müller’sche Volksbad was the most modern indoor swimming pool in the world when it was completed around 1900. The Art Nouveau building, including the interior decoration and murals, has largely never been changed. There is a large 30-meter pool (former men’s pool), a smaller 18-meter pool (former women’s pool) and a shower bath. The Müller’sche Volksbad is very centrally located in Munich not far from the Deutsches Museum on the Isar. A larger sauna facility is now also available. It is certainly the most beautiful indoor swimming pool in Munich, even if it is not the most practical pool by today’s standards.

How to get to Müllersche Volksbad: The best way to reach the swimming pool is to take the S-Bahn (suburban train) stop Isartor (all 7 Munich S-Bahn lines stop here). By foot about 15 minutes east of the center (Marienplatz)

Entrance fees Müllersche Volksbad (autumn 2014, no time limit): 4.20 euros adults, 3.30 euros reduced. With sauna for 4 hours 15,80 € adults.

Opening hours Müllersche Volksbad: The indoor swimming pool in the center of Munich is open daily from 7:30 to 23 hrs (Tue is from 15 to 20 hrs Ladies‘ Day).

Telephone Müllersche Volksbad: 01801-796223 (Hotline swimming pools, information about Munich’s public pools)

Olympic pool

Like the Müller’sche Volksbad, the Olympiabad was considered one of the most modern indoor swimming pools in the world when it was completed. The huge hall in the Munich Olympic ParkThe Olympic Park in Munich not far from the Olympic Stadium impresses from the outside with its architecture suspended on ropes. Although now over 35 years old, the hall still looks ultra-modern. Inside the hall is the large 50-metre Olympic swimming pool, the Olympic diving pool and a small non-swimmer’s pool. In the summer, the meadow belonging to the Olympic swimming hall is open with a children’s playground. A very large and attractive sauna area also belongs to the indoor swimming pool. The Olympic Swimming Pool (official name: Olympic Swimming Hall) is mainly used by people who like to swim in a sportive way. Some lanes are always reserved for sports swimmers, another one for backstroke swimmers.

How to get to the Olympiabad: Take the subway U3 to the Olympic Centre, then walk for about 10 minutes through the Olympic Park.

Entrance fees Olympic Swimming Hall (Autumn 2014, 3 hours): 4.40 Euro adults, reduced entrance fee 3.40 (or day ticket 8.00€ or 5.70€, families can spend the whole day in the indoor swimming pool for 16.50€). With sauna adults pay 18,50€ for four hours.

Opening hours Olympic pool: daily 7:30 to 23 h, the sauna facilities from 10 h. Unfortunately, the bathtub and shower bath, which is well worth seeing, is rarely open (Mon 17:30-20:30, Tue 8-13:30, Fri 8-13:30).

Telephone Olympia-Schwimmhalle: 01801-796223 (Hotline swimming pools in Munich)

Please note: The opening hours and admission prices of the indoor swimming pools in Munich change constantly. You can find the current opening times and prices on the homepage of the indoor swimming pools of the Munich Public Utility Company.

Dante-Winter warm outdoor pool

A special swimming pool in Munich, which is not always entirely uncontroversial due to its high energy consumption, is Dante-Warmfreibad. The 50 meter (!) outdoor pool is heated all year round to 30 (!) degrees – a great swimming experience, especially in the cold season. In addition, the Dante-Bad also has an even warmer wellness pool, a sauna and much more.

Directions Dante-Winter-Warm outdoor pool: U1 Westfriedhof

Entrance fees Dante-Winter warm outdoor pool (autumn 2013, no time limit, sauna extra): 7,80€ or 5,60€ reduced

Opening hours Dante-Winter-Warm outdoor swimming pool: daily 7:30 to 23 o’clock, Wednesday the swimming pool is even open from 7 o’clock.

Telephone Dante-Winter-Warmfreibad: 01801-796223 (telephone hotline Schwimmbäder München)

In summer, the Dante Pool is an open-air swimming pool with much lower admission prices.

Cosima wave pool

Every 30 minutes, the 27-degree warm main pool of the Cosimabad artificially creates waves like in the sea. This gives the bathers in Munich the feeling of being in the warm Mediterranean for a short time. As in many baths in Munich, the Cosima-Bad also has a good sauna area.

How to get to Cosimabad: With the subway line U4 Arabellapark (terminus, the swimming pool is located in the district Bogenhausen)

Entrance fees Cosimabad: currently closed

Cosimabad opening hours: Not open until 2016 due to renovation.

Other public swimming pools in Munich

The Stadtwerke München (SWM) still operate in addition to the pools described above. These are the Südbad (was completely renovated a few years ago), the Nordbad in the Schwabing district, the Bad Forstenrieder Park in the south of Munich, and the Bad Giesing-Harlaching. The most interesting of these other baths is the Nordbad, which has a large outdoor pool open all year round. The sauna in the Nordbad is also very popular among connoisseurs. The other baths are „normal“ indoor pools for school sports and for the inhabitants of Munich.

Please note: The opening hours and admission prices of the indoor pools in Munich change constantly. On the homepage of the indoor swimming pools of the Stadtwerke München you can find the current opening hours and prices.

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