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Schwabing is the best known, most liveable and most expensive district of Munich. About 70,000 students study in Munich-Schwabing, more than in any other city in Germany. Both the large Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU) and the Technical University (TU) of Munich are here.

Most of Schwabing (about 100,000 inhabitants) consists of 3-4 storey high apartment buildings with shops, restaurants and pubs on the ground floor. In the most popular residential areas of Munich, rents are high and most of the inhabitants are at least from the upper middle class. Others have been living here for a long time and have an old, cheap lease. Many academics live in the Schwabing district with a high quality of life.

The restaurant Da Angelo in the heart of Schwabing is located directly at Elisabethplatz. Since 14 years the Da Angelo is the top Italian restaurant in Munich. Homemade pasta, good Italian wines, Italian music and a wonderful sun terrace are the hallmarks of this Italian restaurant.

The central street is the busy and noisy Leopoldstraße, which is famous for street cafés, in-clubs and as a shopping street. Opposite the university cafeteria, the modern work of art „Walking Man“ by Jonathan Borofsky in front of an insurance building is interesting. By the way, the biggest university in Germany is the LMU in Leopoldstraße!

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(Street café in Leopoldstraße)                                               (Walking Man)

Places of interest Schwabing

For many locals, the centre of Schwabing is the square Münchner Freiheit: it is home to cafés, ice-cream parlours, a small market, and in December the Christmas market of Schwabing, the central bus station and the Erlöserkirche (Church of the Redeemer). The square is a meeting place for the people of Schwabing.

In the north of Schwabing is the Nordfriedhof (North Cemetery), where most Munich celebrities find their last resting place. The Ungererbad, one of the largest open-air swimming pools in Germany (90-meter pool‘ ), is also located here. Many new residential areas and parks with lakes have been created here in North Schwabing over the last decades.

Munich-Schwabing has been known for over 100 years for its pubs, cafes and restaurants. For tourists, depending on their taste and wallet, the following, for example, are interesting.

Our tip: City tour through Munich

A great way to see a lot of Munich in 1-2 days are the so-called hop on / hop off buses. These are red British-style double-decker buses that travel through Munich on 3 different routes. You can get off at many stops and continue on with a later bus. Tickets for the hop-on hop-off buses are significantly cheaper online at Getyourguide than on site. Further information: Click here

Munich city tour on the subject of the Third Reich

From our point of view a well done and interesting city tour: Munich was the beginning of the Nazis, Adolf Hitler lived in the city for many years. Munich is known for the resistance of the White Rose group. At the end of the war the city lay in ruins. Start of the tour at Marienplatz, guided tour on foot, duration about 2.5 hours.

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Interesting pubs in Schwabing

Atzinger (Schellingstraße): Quite large restaurant with several rooms, good food. There is always something going on here, medium prices.

Bräuhaus Max Emanuel (Adelbertsraße): Maybe the most beautiful beer garden in Schwabing, but the famous and large beer gardens of Munich are located in other parts of the city. Sometimes salsa nights, drink prices are okay, food prices are medium.

Schelling Salon (Schellingstraße): Supposedly the favourite pub of Hitler and Lenin. Since then the interior has changed little. Several billiard tables, many card players and taxi drivers. Very inexpensive food (simple but delicious), unfortunately often closed (e.g. Tue and Wed rest days). Since the landlords have hardly changed anything for decades, you feel like you are back in the good old Schwabing times in the Schelling Salon.

Shamrock: Good Irish-Pub in the north of Schwabing, almost daily live music. Drinks are rather expensive, but the live music is free.

Zur Brezn (Leopoldstraße): Made in Bavarian style, rather for tourists, open until late at night. Very popular restaurant, prices in the upper middle range, good quality.

Great bike city tour through Munich: The city center of Munich is quite large. It’s not easy to see everything on foot in one day. A bike tour is ideal. On this tour (3 to 3.5 hours) the bike comes from the city tour provider. Well done tour through Munich with sights in the center, English Garden etc.: More information and booking

Good cafés in Schwabing

Café Schwabing: good traditional café on Kurfüstenplatz, quiet, medium prices

Café Altschwabing (Schellingstraße): originally a meeting place for Schwabing’s artist scene, Lenin was also a guest here, coffee and cake during the day, good Italian cuisine, literary events, prices are ok.

Café Puck, classic café with a young audience (many students), in the evening rather bar (cocktails), for Schwabing medium prices

Good restaurants in Schwabing

Ostaria Italiana (Schellingstraße).  One of the best Italian restaurants in Munich, higher price level

Aumeister (in the English Garden in the very north of Schwabing near student city): Good beer garden, quite cheap food, large portions

Don Quijote (Biedersteinstraße): Spanish restaurant: Prices medium, food good

Georgenhof (Friedrichstraße): Home-style cooking, also Bavarian, medium prices, high quality

Two tips: Inexpensive food in Munich

Asia (Hiltenspergerstraße): I do not know any other restaurant in Munich with a better price-performance ratio. In the cheapest restaurant of Munich that I know, one can eat as much as one wants for approximately 7 euros. The big Chinese buffet consists on: soups, several fish dishes, delicious pork balls, beef with vegetables, mussels, seafood, chicken skewers, fried bananas and much more. You can also get seconds as often as you like. Open daily at lunchtime and in the evening. Even in the evening and on weekends the prices are very low for Munich. Also dishes from the menu are available for 4,80 Euro. Current information 2017: Unfortunately the Asia in Hiltensperger Straße does not exist anymore for several years.

You can only get even cheaper in the student city. There, in the largest student settlement in the world, there are several state-subsidized bars with cheap food. In the Tribühne (so spelled with an h) there are daily e.g. schnitzels with fries for about 4 Euro and a changing daily special under 4 Euro (in 2018). In the cellar pub Pot and in Manhattan (on the 19th floor with a great view over Munich!) the daily meal also costs less than 4€. In all these pubs drinks are also very cheap e.g. beer 0,5l 1,80€. The Tribühne is also open at noon, the others only in the evening. As far as I know, non-students are currently welcome in the Tribühne, but not so much in the Pot. But you can bring friends as a student.

How to get to Munich-Schwabing: The subways 3 and 6 go through the east of Schwabing, the U 2 through the west of the district.

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