Völkerkundemuseum Munich (Museum 5 Continents)

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The state ethnological museum in Munich is the second largest ethnological museum in Germany. The ethnology (ethnology) is mainly concerned with the culture and art of non-European peoples. It was opened in 1865 and was completely renovated a few years ago. In the ethnology museum there are about 150,000 objects on display. It is a large and very interesting museum which is worth a visit.

In 2014 the Museum of Ethnology was renamed „Museum Five Continents“.

One should take several hours to visit the museum. The biggest and most interesting areas are:

Africa: among other things many objects of art from the many different African cultures (historical and contemporary)

Orient: art and cultural objects from the whole Orient (from Pakistan to North Africa)

North America: Objects from Indian peoples and the Inuit (Eskimos)

Latin America: Objects from Central America and North America (Inca culture, Mayan culture etc.)

South Asia and Southeast Asia: among others, works of art from India and Thailand (Buddhism and Hinduism)

East Asia: Objects from Buddhism: Japan and China. Very interesting are the large Buddha figures.

Oceania: objects of art of the Polynesians, Maori and Aborigines

The ethnological museum is complemented by a large ethnology library with 50,000 books and many periodicals on the subject of ethnology. There are many temporary special exhibitions on ethnology.

Ethnology or ethnology is the study of the cultures of the world. The focus in the Museum Fünf Kontinente is on foreign cultures, i.e. mainly cultures from outside Europe. The science of researching our own cultures and cultural history in Europe is also called folklore or, more modern, European ethnology.

Opening Hours Ethnological Museum Munich 2024

The Munich Ethnological Museum is open daily from 9:30-17:30, unfortunately it is closed on Mondays. On important holidays it is also not open.

Entrance fees Munich Ethnological Museum 2024

As in many museums in Munich, the entrance fee on Sunday is only 1 €. On other days adults pay 5,00 € (reduced rate 4,00€). Admission for young people (up to 18 years) and children is free! Special exhibitions often have an extra entrance fee. For those who come more often: annual tickets are available for 25 euros (reduced 20 euros).

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Address Ethnological Museum Munich

Museum Fünf Kontinente, Maximlianstraße 42, 80538 München, Deutschland, Telefonnummer: 089-210136100

The ethnological museum of Munich on the city map

The Museum Five Continents is located in the eastern centre of the city.

Directions to the ethnological museum in Munich

The best way is by underground (U4, U5 stop Lehel). From the city centre (Marienplatz) about 20 minutes on foot. No parking spaces, some parking garages in the vicinity, which are not cheap. We recommend to visit sights in the city center of Munich always by public transport.

Munich city tour on the subject of the Third Reich

From our point of view a well done and interesting city tour: Munich was the beginning of the Nazis, Adolf Hitler lived in the city for many years. Munich is known for the resistance of the White Rose group. At the end of the war the city lay in ruins. Start of the tour at Marienplatz, guided tour on foot, duration about 2.5 hours.

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